Accueil Activités MPM Evénements Under the title of «Media & heritage » …IKOUNKA tells her Story.

Under the title of «Media & heritage » …IKOUNKA tells her Story.


8Sunday 13th 2018, the second edition of the regional forum “Tawssna” of cultural association was inaugurated in IKOUNKA under the title of “Media and Heritage”.
The forum started first by the statement of Mr.Abdesalam TAYB who chose the subject of « the origin of the population of Morocco and the origin of the language », so he discussed the topic from a scientific side especially by using anthropology which is the study of humans and humans behavior. Accordingly, he stated that this linguistic anthropology does not only aim to study the norms and values of societies, but also to study how language affects social life.
In his speech he added also that the origin of the Amazigh language and its development over the ages had led to it being finally recognized by the new constitution of 2011.
As for Mr.Abdeljalil IDRISSI, he discussed the Moroccan linguistic diversity, and how our country is rich with unlimited potential and that much of this potential comes from the fact that we are versatile, ethnically diverse and we speak many languages. Mr. Idrissi affirmed also that despite of all the efforts that have been made to specify the Amazigh language, it remains like a fundamental language.
For Mr. Omar ABDOUH, his statement was about the need to preserve the Moroccan heritage by the media, and the need to keep this diversity of language enjoyed by our country, therefore to build a successful media is not done by ignorance and indifference but indeed by the knowledge of the culture.
The intervention of Mr.JANATI consisted mainly of the importance of sharing and the common participation in managing local affairs so as to improve the role of the local territories all over the county, thus it is crucial to activation of the 2011 constitution which came to change the way of managing by replacing the old one by a more free one which guarantees the expected development.
In his speech, Mr. ALAOUI attracted the IKOUNKA people to the need of promoting the cultural heritage of the area by various communications and marketing techniques in order to improve the knowledge about culture and consequently the conservation of cultural heritage, thus to increase their usability.
Mr. Najm BENHMOU is a professor and researcher in the history of « Souss », and his intervention was about the image of the authorities “Makhzen” in the southern region of Morocco which is Souss and particularly in the tribe of “Chtouka”, this region which was once one of the most resisting regions against French and Spanish colonization thus this resistance affected the role of the Makhzen back then and left an impact on its present image. Youss Laila MPM6


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