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The opening ceremony of the first session of the forum : « youth and media »


Saturday morning, 5th May , the first  session of the forum « Youth and Media » has started in the « Superior School of Technology-LAAYOUN » and under the supervesion of «  The Association of Alssaquia Alhamra of Audiovisual » and in partnership with « media professions and practices » entitled « youth and media in the service of culture and ELhassani heritage ».

The opening ceremony has started by the forum administrator « Hassan Boujdour » who welcomed the participants and confirmed in his speech that there is no development without media, that help in documenting , in marketing and to memorize world’s news. Also he mentioned the program of the forum including conferences and workshops.

Ahmed BELKADI, the dean of the faculty of lettres and humanities Ibn Zohr-Agadir, expressed his gratitude to be holding in the faculty such training programs as press, media and audiovisual arts and which led to many students graduating and obtaining an employment.  Mr. BELKADI confirmed The role of the media and its huge impact on society and individuals especially on youth, so media representatives should accept the responsibility for everything they present to the public.

As for Omar ABDOUH  the coordinator of master : Media professions and practices, said that ‘our investment and our bet is big ‘on promoting the competencies of youth ; by the master

that keeps attracting the students of various fields. He confirmed also,  that we can not develop the media filed without creating new proflies whether in the written press, or audiovisual as well as the electronic press to face the challenges and the opponenets.

For Ahmed ELQUACHAA the dean of Superior School of Technology-LAAYOUN, he affirmed that a partnership must be established to promote and raise the level of media fileds especially in  southern provinces.

Abdellah STITOU, the author who was honored by the King Mohamed VI pointed out that the media has a set of values, he defined these values as a behaviours and reactions of people on society negative they are or positive so the media has an important role and impact on this. Mr. Abdellah presented the important of these values wether it is cultural, political or social in the consolidation of relations from north to south, so the media must take this into consideration in providing informations.

In the end of this first meeting, Mr. Abdellah STITOU, distributed a copies of his book to a group of the officials participants at the meeting.





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