Accueil Médias Presse écrite The first scientific seminar of the forum « youth and media »

The first scientific seminar of the forum « youth and media »



Saturday Morning, 5th May, the first scientific seminar has started in the Superior school of Technology-LAAYOUN, under the title of « the role of youth and media in the service of culture and ELhassani heritage ». By five professors who teach the cycle of master and phd in the faculty Ibn zohr -Agadir.

The seminar opened by the statment of Mr.Omar ABDOUH the coordinator of master : Media professions and practices ; who presented the professors and the various sessions of the seminar also, he affirmed the importance of these seminars and meetings to improve our knowledge and take as much as possible advantages of it .

The first session started by Mr.Mohamed Naji, chose the topic of « media and development », he said that the media is a cultural heritage, and the link between the countries and he affirmed that the language of the media in creating informations is the same despite the difference of its forms. Moreover,  the power of the media is evident by influencing the public opinion especially during analysis of states issues for example : the Vietnam war. Mr.Naji gave a differents definitions of media and its relationship with development especially, in service of the truth which combine : intergrity,objectivity and credibility.

The second session presented by Mrs. Hanane BOUKTAYA, under the title « Youth and the phenomenon of social media ». she discussed the topic from a sociological side, and by the theorist in philosophy ‘Habermas’, who said that media is a space where the youth can exchange informations by means of social media.

Mrs.Hanane, said that social media turned from a space to unlimited media where the absence of control, and a platform to protest or to criticism.. and she indicated that the catefories who use social media are mostly  between twenty and thirty years whether it is for chat, to play, or just to be open to other cultures.

Despite the advantages of these means, she affirmed that the youth’s misusing of these media has led to destroying their identity due to their loneliness,by using names and virtual images. She included her speech by a research which announced that women use social media more than man , about 55% compared to 45% for man.

Mrs. Fatima CHAABI presented the third lecture. She chose to talk about « the spanish writings about the desert » and how these writings used the scientific ,political, cultural and social context to deal with its issues, and how each context used the language of media to present the informations.

For the professor Abdel Ali Magouri, he presented the fourth lecture which is entitled « supporting and promoting the cultural heritage ». He handled with the topic from legal side by the constitution, and he mentined the importance of protecting the heritage like a culture that passed between generations through the availability of ways to support the cultural projects and by using a communication strategy « media » to promote the archeology areas, artistic and cultural spaces also the festivals in order to attract tourists and raise the development of the country.

The last lecture presented by Mr.Adel ALMADHI, who treated the topic of « the relationship of youth and media with the problematic of language » and how people exchange information through mass media and its impact by the mass communication especially , with social media so each means has its ways and language to send informations whether through radio,television, internet…etc. He affirmed that mass media have a major influence on the general public and major impact on the public’s opinion on certain topics and issues.

He concluded by the example of Moroccan people who boycotted diffrents products through social media, and how the information transmitted quickly to a large number of people who generrally stay far from the sources of information.



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