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The caravan of Master: media professions and practices, paid a visit to the gem of dessert « Ouarzazate »


Ouarzazate , the Hollywood of Africa and the capital of cinema and art. Wherefore, the master of media professions and practices had the honor to visit this historical destination.

On Saturday morning,29th September, and under the supervision of Mr.Omar Abdouh the coordinator of the master: Media professions and practices , and with the other professors in the faculty of letters ibn-zohr Agadir, we started the tour by visiting « the specialized institute of cinema professions  » in Ouarzazate, where we have reviewed with interest the various elements of cinema professions like : the accessories and decors, then Mr.Mohamed hafidi, one of the professors in the institute explained to us  the different subjects taught such as the photography and how to write the scripts.

After that, we headed to the polydisciplinary faculty of Ouarzazate, where a meeting with Mr.Saad Achbour was held, who is the chief executive officer of compensation management department. He started by reminding us about living and work requirements, he said that the labor market is a vast and complicated field, then we should be proud of our domain and he also advised us to float as much as we can in the speed of medias field : Info-graphics, technology and so on.

He sensitized us to work on our gaps whether it is in improving our foreign languages by taking extra hours, and also to change our way of thinking by investing in our goals and to create our own paths that would lead us to be different inside the labor market especially in the fields of information and media.

Then, we turned to the cinema museum, where different movies that were filmed, including Aladdin,Mummy ..etc.  The set also included a jail , a palace. Moreover, there is one section full of lighting and camera equipments explaining what each equipments is used for.

The last visit was to Taourite kasbah, a very old construction which is made up of straw and has a lots of decorations , it is a wonderful and surprising monument of significant history and recognized by UNESCO’s world heritage program.

 The caravan of the Master were glad to had visited this maze of history and it was an opportunity to enrich our knowledge ,particularly in  regard to cinema and audiovisual field.

Youss Laila



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