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Moroccan – Senegalese Relations and African Bets: A Title For The Inaugural Speech Of The Seventh Group Of Media And Its Applications Master Program


Mr. ALIOUNE BADARA CISSÉ, the mediator and counselor of the state of Senegal, will be a guest to the students – of Media and its Applications master program- of the faculty of Arts and Human Sciences at the Ibn Zohr University, Agadir. On Thursday, 25 October at 10 a.m, he will give an inaugural speech under the theme « Moroccan-Senegalese Relations and African Challenges at the humanities space of the university.


The seminar will be attended by the Dean Dr.Ahmed Belqadi accompanied by the administrative staff of the university as well as the Dr. Omar Abdou, the coordinator and member of the pedagogical team of Media and its Applications MPM master program.


the inaugural speech will discuss the historical developments of the Moroccan and Senegalese- African relations, and the challenges facing the African continent along with the efforts to be taken to push forward the development that Africa needs so as to be promoted economically and socially in line with the strategic vision his Majesty Mohammed V launched so as to open up to the continental ocean.


The seminar will also be honored by the Moroccan and African journalists and the students of the seventh and sixth group of Media and its Application master program for a scheduled table of two days that will contain meetings, symposiums, debates related to Moroccan -African rapprochement.





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