Accueil Médias Presse écrite Moroccan Senegalese bilateral relations and African issues theme of the inaugural lecture...

Moroccan Senegalese bilateral relations and African issues theme of the inaugural lecture of the master MPM


Today at the Faculty of Arts and Human Sciences of Ibn Zohr University in Agadir In 25 ocotobre 2018 the Faculty of Arts and Humanities at the University of Ibn Zohr in Agadir hosted the inaugural session of the seventh group of « Careers and Media Applications » under the title ‘Moroccan-Senegalese Relations and African Bets’. Media.

The annual academic meeting, which is supervised by the master of the master, opened with a speech by the vice-dean, in which he stressed the importance of this meeting and the radiation he presents to the Faculty of Arts and Humanities. He also noted the efforts made by the pedagogic team and the supervisors of this master.

In the midst of this meeting, the representative of the Senegalese Republic, Alioun Badara Sisi, and the guest of this opening lecture, in a lengthy intervention, underlined the depth of Moroccan-Senegalese relations, as well as deep historical and cultural ties, as well as the role of Morocco and Senegal. The African continent, and the extent of the impact of the economy of the latter in the global economy, where Adora plays an important role due to the diversity and abundance of natural resources, and also tried to summarize a set of African experiences in which Morocco is a basic brick, and talked about the African continent in general and the abundance of Experiences made it Take advanced steps at all levels.

In the same context, Professor Elonad Badara Sisi presented the historical importance of the city of Agadir and stressed that it is a city that gives a lot of good and tolerance and that its population is stronger than all the developmental challenges, referring to the disaster of the 1960 earthquake, which is considered a great challenge that requires determination, effort and constant construction to move it to the future. Mounir.

Dr. Abdul Jalil Al Idrissi, Director of LARSLAM Laboratory, raised a discussion about the composition and scientific research. He pointed out that there are a number of common issues between Morocco and Senegal at this level, which makes them qualified to create partnerships at the level of scientific research in the future. Dr. Idrissi also took this opportunity to introduce the research laboratory «LARSLAM» and presented a technical paper on the most important components of the underlying research teams.

Professor Abdo, the General Supervisor of Master, considered this annual knowledge meeting, which is unique to the Master, a unique meeting, which allows the students to acquire new knowledge and openness to the best of professors from different universities and various disciplines and to benefit from their scientific expertise.

                                                                                                                                                 Ounasser Ilhame

                                                                                                                                                           MPM 6


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