Accueil Médias Presse écrite A workshop for MPM Students on: How to facilitate labour market entry?

A workshop for MPM Students on: How to facilitate labour market entry?


The students of “Careers and Media Practices” organized ,on the morning of last Saturday, a professional development  workshop under the supervision of Dr. Omar Abdouh, alongside with  Dr. Hassan Taleb, the professor of  « Media and Translation », within the Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences at the University of Ibnou Zohr.

The workshop was moderated by Mr. Abdelhafid Fahmi, an academic researcher and author of four books in the field of employment, and creator of three new television channels on Yahsat satellite which are: « GM Business », « GM Rawaj » and « GM Tachghil », those channels tend to attract the talented jobseekers amongst young graduates in the media field.

Mr. Fahmi highlighted the importance of translating the academic skills into real projects. He also noted that it is a crucial thing for media students to seize the opportunity and dare to break the horizons via self-employment, instead of waiting for luck to strike.

 Yet another thing to mention is that this workshop brought together all the different classes of “Careers and Media Practices” master degree. It was a chance for the students to get to know each other better. Therefore this workshop class was an opportunity to strengthen and deepen the relationship between the MPMists of all ages.


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